Welcome to VISU Gaming! At VISU Gaming we value all of our members and want each and everyone of you to enjoy and benefit from our services. With so many exciting scrims and tournaments we can understand everyone’s excitement. However, VISU Gaming is unique, we have a vision to increase social inclusion amongst younger generations in and out of school whilst creating the most competitive eSports team and league of the 21st century for our members. To achieve this vision and to ensure that all members benefit from our service and find like-minded friends, teammates and live their passion, ground rules have to be put in place.


1. Fairplay:

Fairplay allows for all members to experience lively, competitive and energising gameplay as well as benefit from socialising and meeting new friends. VISU Gaming puts emphasis on two important aspects of fairplay; anti-bullying and anti-cheating.


1.1. Anti-Bullying / Discrimination:

There is ZERO TOLERANCE towards bullying and discrimination of any kind whether this be on a VISU team chat on DISCORD, on the VISU DISCORD server, during VISU hosted scrims or Tournaments, or in any relation to VISU Gaming. To enforce this our DISCORD server and our website where tournaments and scrims are hosted utilise moderators who have the authority to remove and invoke a lifetime ban on members caught actively bullying. Members being bullied can and should report cases to the mods. Once reported, the mods will investigate the case.


These rules apply to all VISU activities regardless of your membership. However, VISU encourages all players world wide across all different games and platforms to refrain from bullying and the act of discrimination in and out of gameplay. Let's keep the gaming world a happy place!


1.2. Anti-Cheating:

There is a ZERO TOLERANCE to cheating in any VISU held game or competition. Measures are in place to monitor tournament and friendly gameplay to identify members using cheats and hacks. Members caught cheating could face a lifetime ban.


1.3. No Political or Sexual Content:

There is ZERO TOLERANCE to posting anything political, sexual and religious on this server. These topics can be very sensitive topics and we want to make everyone feel included. Moderators are at hand to regulate this and catch anyone disregarding this rule. Not abiding to this rule could lead to immediate muting and a potential lifetime ban.


1.4. No Hate Speech:

There is ZERO TOLERANCE towards any hate speech. Any hate speech through any means such as content, words, videos and more is strictly forbidden. No member is permitted to discriminate against or upset other members. If caught committing this offence, the member shall face a lifetime ban. Moderators will be used to enforce this.


2. Health:

Our member’s physical and mental health is VERY IMPORTANT to VISU Gaming. We encourage and support the development of players through our service. This, however, does not mean being active and practicing with your team for hours on end. In fact, it has been proven that playing for more than 2 hours without a break and physical exercise leads to a digression in performance and not an improvement. So why digress when the aim is to become the next eSports champion?


VISU Gaming strongly encourages and advocates members to play for no more than two hours at a time without taking a break such as going outside, exercising or engaging with friends away from the games. Furthermore, to strengthen one's individual mental and physical health it is important to maintain a balanced lifestyle through a healthy diet and a restful sleep cycle.



We at VISU could not be happier to see all members enjoying themselves, meeting like-minded friends and developing as players. Therefore don't forget to HAVE FUN whilst striving to become the next eSports champion.

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