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VISU FNCS Grand Finals🌐

Päivitetty: 31. elok. 2022

2 of our players qualified into FNCS Grand finals. Finals will have prize pool of: $1,350,000

Visu Marco⚡️ On the second day of semi-finals "heat 2" Marco showed instantly how good he is. Marco won the first game, and qualified instantly into FNCS Grand Finals. Marco is playing with Klinberi, and they have stayed together for a long time.

Here is reaction video of Marco. This clip has been viewed over 30 000 times.


Visu S1ned ⚡️ First day in semi-finals "Heat 1" VISU S1ned qualified with Fir3hunter to finals through placing constantly in Top 10, and winning the last game!

VISU S1ned is born in Ukraine, and is currently one of the top talents in Europe. We believe strongly, that S1ned have what it takes to win FNCS Grand finals. Their playing style fits perfectly into Tier 1 lobbys.

Here is S1ned´s winning reactions:


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