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As an organisation, VISU Gaming supports the development of eSports by providing young people with an opportunity to join an eSports organisation where they have the possibility to find like-minded friends and develop as players. At the same time, our aim is to avoid the potential marginalisation of young people and promote inclusion amongst younger generations. VISU Gaming has experienced coaches who enable young people to develop themselves whilst making sure that they develop a healthy approach to rhythmic gaming along with their lifestyles. VISU Gaming emphasises the importance of exercise, education, sleep and maintaining a healthy diet.


Each month VISU - CHAMPIONS have the opportunity to participate in VISU - Tournaments, which give them the chance to gain a place in the professional VISU team. On the professional team, they have the opportunity to rise to the top of e-sports and fulfil their dream of becoming a professional eSports player.


VISU - ENTHUSIASTS are provided with a social platform where they can play, develop and compete with all other enthusiasts.

All VISU - members are taught responsible e-sports, which includes an overview of healthy playing time, game ergonomics and fitness/mind training. This allows VISU members to benefit from a healthy lifestyle as well as better opportunities to become an eSports professional.


  • Finland`s most experiences e-sports supplier for various educational institutions. 

  • Finland`s largest e-sports community.

  • Game house in the heart of Helsinki.

Patrik Sulonen, Teams and players responsibility

Phone: +358 44 262 0199


Aaron Vihersola, Marketing

Phone: +358 44 0330 544

Philip Speidel, Media relations, Sponsors

Phone: +44 7539 003181

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